Subaquatic III – Part II

Encaustic Art work - Sue MacDougallTitle: Subaquatic III – Part II
Measurements: 20cm x 20cm
Price: NZD$135 – Euros 80 UKPounds 73

Description: I enjoyed great product this series of Subaquatic Seas as it reflexes my love for the seas especially in New Zealand and Greece where I live by the waters which are forever changing. Capsular by the light and movement of water when I start to mixture my waxes with layers of wax give the depth of the water’s movements. Wax does to some extent have a mind of it’s own like the seas.

Encaustic or hot wax painting is an ancient art form that predates oil painting, developed initially by the ancient Egyptians and used by both ancient Greek and Roman art. Hot beeswax, damaar resin and colored pigments form a basis of this art medium. This natural base has dimensional and luminous qualities which has endless versatility. Encaustic paintings do not deteriorate with age as these paintings are extremely archival.

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Date: May 19, 2017