Kiwi I

Encaustic artwork by Sue MacDougallTitle: Kiwi I
Measurements: 30cm x 20cm
Price: NZD$395.00 – Euros 262.00 – UKpound 225.00

Description: Another new series which features New Zealand Native Bird life in their surrounding. The NZ Kiwi is a flightless bird who lives in the native bush of NZ, sleeps during the day time and lonely comes out at night to find its food.

A fascinating thing about the discoveries of this medium as am artist is that it has been used nearly 2,000 years ago relied on materials from distant cities in parts of Europe (Greece & Rome) in order to create the lifelike portraits of the dead. Some of the portraits were discovered in an ancient Egyptian settlement known as Tebturnis, which is modern day Umm el-Baragat in Al Fayyumm.

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Date: January 09, 2017