Floral of the Sea II

Encaustic Art work - Sue MacDougallTitle: Floral of the Sea II
Measurements: 25cm x 20cm
Price: NZD$415.00


In March, 2017, I “showed up” for 2 weeks as ‘Art in Residence’ at Lochmara Lodge, Queen Charlotte Sounds just outside of Picton, New Zealand. Lochmara Lodge is more than just a place to stay, its where I relaxed, explored and experienced the magic of the Marlborough Sounds. They have an amazing set up with gorgeous views, nature walks, wildlife to ART in the Gallery!!!! I hand-feed Native Parakeets and stingrays, walked some of the nature trails and enjoyed the surrounds that they offered while I went into their Art Studio every day to work.

The creative process I worked through during the residency required me to slow down with my work, and take time to enjoy and watch the Encaustic come alive for me. I had to “show up” while each layer of hot wax required my patience which I sometime do not have!! This series shows images  from Lochmara Lodge’s new Underwater Observatory enables you to go below the surface and observe the marine life down below the water.

Some of these works are hanging in the Art Gallery for sale. http://www.lochmaralodge.co.nz/

Encaustic or hot wax painting is an ancient art form that predates oil painting, developed initially by the ancient Egyptians and used by both ancient Greek and Roman art. Hot beeswax, damar resin and colored pigments form a basis of this art medium. This natural base has dimensional and luminous qualities which has endless versatility. Encaustic paintings do not deteriorate with age as these paintings are extremely archival.

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Date: May 18, 2017