After Light – print

Price: EUD72 – NZD$118 – AUD$107 – USD$85
DISCOUNT for purchasing more than one print. Please contact me for details
Measurements: 450mm x 320mm
Media: High Quality Paper
I have many requests for print of my art works so have decided to offer 4 different artwork for sale as LIMITED Edition Print which are all hand signed and numbered by myself.
As this is a one off piece which has many layers of colours from Terracottas and Reds as an underneath base with layers of Blues and Purples onto.
Why I painted this artwork:
This work has many layers of different colors which take the eye into it. The mood was one of deep sadness when my son died but I understand that there is light after great sadness. The Light of the Sword makes me think of a candle alight which is coming through to meet you.

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Date: July 16, 2017