Artwork by Sue MacDougallArtwork by Sue MacDougall

Sue MacDougall: "Brush strokes give my paintings energy"

Sue MacDougall
I was born in New Zealand and moved to live on Aegina island in Greece many years ago. In 2017, I moved back to New Zealand and visit Greece at least once a year now.

As I am recognized for my bold and colourful work in different mediums that create structure, depth, movement and texture, nothing excites me more than taking up my brushes and directing my energy into every stroke on a canvas. This is a slow progress of building up the image, in which time has no relevance in the creation of my work, which absorbs me completely.

Light is an important factor when using colours especially for myself and that is why living on the island of Aegina in Greece, which is famous for the luminosity and clarity of its light, is an ideal place for my studio.

The landscape and sea around the island makes for an invaluable addition in my life which inspires my work.


  • Artwork by Sue MacDougallArtwork by Sue MacDougallI have bought several pieces of Sue Mac Dougall’s art and jewellery over the past 5 years. Why, because of the amazing variety in Sue’s work. She has a remarkable ability to keep growing her work and jewellery. All Sue’s work is rich, joyous, evocative and masterful. I adore my latest 2 pieces ... so different from each other and so full of intense colour and interest. I adore Sue’s art and jewellery and I’m always excited to see her latest pieces and they always delight me.    
    Una Ryan,
  • I have the privilege of knowing Sue as a friend and artist for several years now. As an artist, I have watched with delight her fearless use of different mediums and had the pleasure and honour of witnessing the various twists and turns in her works. Her perception, use of light (especially here in Greece), colour and texture is fascinating, intricate and thought provoking. I own two of Sue’s paintings but consider myself very fortunate in being able to experience the continuous development and unfolding of her artistic self in the world. Patricia Foster MA (Life coach, Aegina, Greece)
    Patricia Foster,
  • Testimonanial Richard PetersI have visited many parts of the world and always enjoy the Art Works of the various countries I have visited. When I knew Sue had painted the "Wild Flowers" of Greece and in particular Aegina, where she resides most of the year, I was most anxious to purchase one of her works to add to my collection. I must say it was with some trepidation that I purchased the painting as I had only seen it on the internet. However, on arrival of the painting I was delighted with the composition and the colours and it now hangs with pride in the entrance hall way of my home. I decided to frame it with a simple wooden frame, of light colour, so as to compliment the painting and not to detract from its intrinsic value. I have had many favourable comments on Sue's work and am looking forward to seeing the next phase in her career. She has tremendous knowledge of art and has been able to visit some of the greatest galleries in the world from which she gleans much inspiration and this is showing in her work today. Yours Sincerely Richard Peters Lake Bolac Victoria Australia.  
    Richard Peters,

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